1. J

    Fox DHX RC4

    Right, this is my first time on here so if something's wrong just correct me ... I've just purchased a second hand dh bike (a giant reign x0 2009 if I'm correct) and it had an upgraded rear shock on it and it happens to be the fox DHX rc4 spring ... now, I'm 200lbs there or there abouts and I...
  2. D

    Newbie downhill advice - tires and fork

    Hi everyone. I am 15 years old and I am relatively new to downhill. Last year I bought a Gary fisher all mountain bike and I snapped the frame, so I bought a 2004 Astrix Huckster but I suffered a back injury shortly after that so I sold it. I was just cleared to ride dh again so I bought a...
  3. erikkellison

    E.13 DRS on a Nomad??

    Okay, so I know a million people must be running these, and I must be doing something wrong. Maybe y'all can tell me what it is. I have an ISCG 05 DRS and a 73mm BB Nomad. I am having serious issues. I do have the 5mm plastic spindle spacer on the driveside arm. I have 2 x 2.5mm BB spacers...