1. H

    For Sale Shimano Di2XT Drivetrain Package

    Shimano Di2XT Drivetrain Package $600.00 Description Never been opened, all parts still in boxes, fits medium bike, 1x11 Cassets - includes: Shimano XT FC-M8000-1 Cranks 175mm, 96BCD, Shimano XT CS-M8000 Cassette 11-46t, 11 speed, Shimano XT D12 RD-M8050 rear derailleur GS cage, shadow plus...
  2. P

    For Sale Trek Remedy 9 29er, 17.5", w/ new parts & upgrades

    This is a 2014 Trek Remedy 9 29er, size 17.5" (please see geometry below). The bike was not ridden for the first year due to surgery and has been ridden as an XC bike ever since (coastal Maine is pretty flat). It has been meticulously maintained and recently had the Fox 34 Factory fork...
  3. kalaius

    For Sale cult 03' XT (755) F+R brakes

    Hi, you are looking at a spare pair of the good old Shimano XT BR-M 755 disc brakes. They used to sit on my old V10 which I've sold a couple years ago not having time to use it. Found them in the garage now, they haven't been in use for a while. Both brakes have metal hoses, the rear is long...
  4. Nick

    For Sale Shimano Saint M810 crankset w/ 36t & BB

    For sale: Shimano Saint M-810 crankset. Scratched and shoe rub, but not too badly. 170mm length arms, 83mm spindle. STRONG as hell. Shimano Saint BB-80 bottom bracket. Used but spins fine. Includes the 3 spacers for fitment. Shimano Saint 36t chainring. Used but good shape, not bent or hooked...
  5. Seh Hoynoski

    For Sale 2011 Giant Anthem x 29er 3

    FULL PRICE $2400, MY PRICE IS $1400, $1000 OFF, AND ITS ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD, IM THE ORIGINAL OWNER. GREAT DEAL. This is a Medium 2011 Giant Anthem x 29er 3. i Bought it new from my local bike shop for full $2400 price, this august of summer 2014 so its only a few months old. Rode a few times on...
  6. Grisha

    Sram 10sp chain + derailleur with Shimano cassette!?

    Hey guys, I plan on running a 10 speed Sram chain and derailleur but a Shimano cassette (because I get one way cheaper). Could that have any negative impact on the performance? Thanks, Greg
  7. G

    DH Frame detection

    Hi, as title says i need help to identify my model, year and manufacture. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo...
  8. A

    Drivetrain combo

    Hey guys. New to forum here so I'd like to start by saying I appreciate the help :) I've been looking at websites and such trying to find new parts for my bike's drivetrain, and had some questions about combinations that I'm looking at. I'm considering buying a Shimano Saint RD, with...
  9. Salami

    Getting brake levers to engage close to the grips?

    Are there any tricks to getting the lever to engage closer to the grip? I just got a new set of the older Shimano Saint brakes (BR-M800 calipers and matching lever kit). I assembled and bleed the brakes my self. After I bleed the brakes I turned the lever adjustment screws all the way in to...
  10. sstalder5

    Decore brakes with avid rotors???

    i picked up a new shimano deore brake set (w/o rotors) off ebay for a steal of $85. I am going to run them with 6'' Avid rotors. Are there any disadvantages to this setup? And if it is a bad idea does anyone have any sugesstions on compatable 6-bolt discs. Also I would just like to ask why...
  11. ultraNoob

    Rotor Interchangability

    I'm a definite noob when it comes to hydro brake systems. I just know they work great and help me not crash so often. I'm running Hayes Stroker Trail's on my DH rig with V8 rotors. I get that grumbling noise during a heavy panic stop. Same rotors, but I swapped the brakes out with Hayes...
  12. ire

    New XTR vs XT

    Here is the deal, I have last years XT group on my bike (trigger shifters w/hope brakes) and our team has a pro-order form with Shimano this year; would I notice a large performance improvement with the new XTR bits over the current XT? Below is a list of what I have and what I'm thinking about...
  13. erikkellison

    PD-M646 Overhaul Walkthrough

    Okay, so I hear these pedals are no longer made, and are great. I for one am quite impressed with the quality. So, knowing I was going to overhaul a set of them prior to sale (since I don't ride clipless), I decided to make it a photo-walkthrough. There are a couple hangups that a walkthrough...