shoot your tv

  1. Kntr

    TV time

    With all these good deals on TVs lately, Ive been thinking about getting a LCD or Plasma. I was looking at the Samsung Touch of Color in a 50". Ill be getting a Blue Ray player too. I would upgrade the cable to HD. What does everyone reccommend? I want a 46" or 50". I dont want it to...
  2. Sandwich

    Medal of Honor on PBS

    Anyone else see this last night? Very well done IMO.
  3. DirtMcGirk

    Do a friend a favor?

    One of the guys I race with, Luigi, a right pretty boy, fun drinker, great rider, really has his heart set on getting on The Real World on MTV. He's perfect for the show. Wild, reactionary, and has really witty comebacks. So could you do my boy a favor? Click here to vote for Luigi...
  4. N8 v2.0

    War Movies Thread

    Right now I have two from Netflix both of which I've seen several times before: Zulu Dawn Battle of Britian
  5. Brian HCM#1

    Raiders Win In Ot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whoda thunk:thumb::think:
  6. DirtMcGirk

    My Big Redneck Wedding: I'm marrying my sister...

    Sitting here scrolling though the channels getting ready for a road ride I came across CMT's "My Bid Redneck Wedding." Normally these scare me just enough to know I shouldn't breed, but this one was extra special. "This is Bo, and he's my brother, and this is Chris: She's my sister."...
  7. stevew

    hideous, vile, creature...

    how can guy ritchie climb on that thing......
  8. BurlyShirley

    Despite Orton, Bears Back in 1st Place!!!

    Total stomping of the Lions today even with Orton in at QB. Moves the Bears to 3-2 on the season and into sole possession of 1st place in the NFC North as Green Bay loses 2 in a row. Rex was brought in during the final series to run out the clock, so pretty sure he gets credit for the win. He...
  9. freightGOD

    Go DAWGS!!!

    time for some football.... With USC losing to Oregon (again) and if Georgia wins, there should be no doubt who will be ranked # 1.
  10. Hunter

    Beavers Ride Rodgers, Blow Out Trojans

    I just wanted to post this thread title :biggrin: Oregon St defeats #1 USC. Good game. I stayed up too late watching it, but it was tough to turn off after halftime. This should open it up for Syracuse to make a run at the title. :disgust1:
  11. BurlyShirley

    I've decided Im a Raiders Fan!

    Jamarcus Russel is a BEAZT!!!!!. LAZER! LAZER!! LAZER!!!!! BwawwwwwaahahahhahhahahghafahahhahahAids.
  12. jebfour

    Billy Mays - Is there anyhting he won't pimp?

    Orange oil, super absorbent towels, and now some silly-ass crazy glue. Place your projections as to the next quality product this guy will "market"
  13. sanjuro

    Notice Bike Commuting in TV commercials?

    Usually it falls to two categories: hippy peace lovers or I'm broke/bad credit/stolen car
  14. BurlyShirley

    Zorbees vs. Shamwow

    Shamwow commercial says "Beware of imitators," but Billy Mays is a man of integrity... how is a man in need of the towel of the future supposed to make this decision?
  15. Potroast88

    Olympic closing ceremony

    I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to see it. If it is anything like the opening, it will be awesome.
  16. cliffster5

    Anyone else not sure Phelps won the 7th gold?

    Boy it sure looked like the serbian guy beat him to the wall on my TV. Got me wondering if Diebold (sp?) had a subcontract w/Omega to make the touch plates for the pool.
  17. jonKranked

    olympics shmolympics who else is sick of it?

    Blah blah blah phelps can't outswim a dolphin, but he can outswim shamu! These are from CNN articles. Isn't there any REAL news happening? The Olympics bore me. I used to swim competitively, and even back then I found watching swimming boring. I just can't wrap my head around how into...
  18. JohnE

    Synchronized diving? C'mon...

    Saw this on the idiot box last night. How did this become an Olympic sport? No baseball anymore, we need synchronized diving... Does anyone know anyone who competes in this "sport"? I can see some small countries Olympic commitee receiving the list of upcoming sports and thinkng "WTF is...
  19. sanjuro

    Humming the Olympic Theme

    I caught myself doing it on a ride today.
  20. Wingnut

    people = teh stupid.

    I love the warning that today's "people" need. Commercial on TV of a woman eating a 10 bill. Bottom of screen, "Dramatization, do not attempt." "The problem with people is stupidity. Not that there should be capital punishment for stupidity. Let's just take the warning labels off...