shop talk

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  1. Cable43

    Have you ever worked in a bike shop?

    I have from 13-18 and 19-22 loved it. I had my porn viewing, got some strange girls drunk, and lost my virginity in a shop. :happydance: (All different occurrences) Ahh... to be young again. I hate going into some shops now and dudes have attitudes and stuff. There's no couches to...
  2. S

    New Bike Shop?

    My wife and I are thinking about moving out of NC and heading out West to start or buy a bike shop. Anyone know of any needing areas or shops that might be for sale? Sam
  3. loco-gringo

    Yes, we closed 5 minutes ago, but can I help you quickly???

    So, some folks come in as I am wrapping the day up and rolling cruisers in from out front. They clearly saw me click the "open" light off, but sauntered in anyway. I, being somewhat friendly to people, say hello and ask if I can help with something really quickly. I should add that I was to be...