1. Nick

    Fox 36 Seal replacement trick

    This time around I bought the Enduro Seal kit for my 36 Talas fork. Normally wipers can be pushed in by hand; never easy, but they go in. If you have trouble getting them seated with your fingers, the cap from a Gatorade bottle is the perfect size to push the wiper in evenly. Viola!
  2. tang2011

    International shops

    Take a survey : where do you the cyclists buy the cycling accessories: jerseys, gloves, shoes , bike frame and so on . Order it in the local shop ? Have you tried to order on line ??? :rofl: Uh... if yes, pls supply some of your valuable opinion ! if haven't , could have a try :weee:
  3. huckerAJ

    g.h.y. bikes in Renton bobsled chainless race

    Hey guys we are going to have a downhill pumptrack race. It will be Feb 28th...Sunday. Located near Tapeworm on the south side of the powerlines. Start around noon and have a BBQ, Beverages, and a BBQ. Last one was pretty chill. Check it out at gohuckyourself.com
  4. chance199

    Owning a bike shop?

    i wasnt sure where to post, so i always thought about it, ill be going to college in a couple years, i thinking about getting degrees in engineering and maybe like what is it, business & marketing or whatnot. is there like a specific degree i would need?
  5. Cable43

    Have you ever worked in a bike shop?

    I have from 13-18 and 19-22 loved it. I had my porn viewing, got some strange girls drunk, and lost my virginity in a shop. :happydance: (All different occurrences) Ahh... to be young again. I hate going into some shops now and dudes have attitudes and stuff. There's no couches to...
  6. huckerAJ

    New world disorder premier…Friday…October…24th

    You really need to go to g.h.y. to scope what is going to go down. This could be the best night at skatebarn all season. Pro's, Prizes, Movies and mayhem. Just like everytime we party.