shovel fight

  1. BurlyShirley

    Zorbees vs. Shamwow

    Shamwow commercial says "Beware of imitators," but Billy Mays is a man of integrity... how is a man in need of the towel of the future supposed to make this decision?
  2. demo 9

    so i saw a fight

    so two un-named people got into a fight long story short 1 got out a rusty shovel and they both had knives,the rusty shovel got put away then the other kid started the fight again. *the kid without the shovel never hit back and didnt want to fight* a 3rd person ended up taking out the...
  3. 4xBoy

    It's an addiction for me,

    Any thread, no matter the title, when Arkayne has the last post I search just to see what picture has been added. :cheers: