silver hates freedom

  1. MikeD

    AAAH! FBI entrapification!!

    Recent failed bombage. More terrorist fail. I'm sure Desmondo will enlighten us as to how the fearmongering illuminati in the dark room smoking cigarettes are entrapping poor innocent Muslims who just wanna blow stuff up for Allah into these plots as theater to keep us all so deathly afraid...
  2. Silver

    Uncle Ruckus's nephew experiences the "new professionalism"

    A nephew of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas suffered a seizure after he was beaten during a scuffle with security guards in the emergency room of a New Orleans area hospital, relatives alleged Friday. Derek Thomas, 25, was immobilized with a stun gun Thursday when hospital security...
  3. Samirol

    California Proposition thread

    Yep, it's almost that time again when the rights of others and tens of billions of dollars are entrusted to a simple majority of California voters. There are some heavy duty measures covering a lot of issues that have made it on to the November 4th ballot. All too often even the best...