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    single speed build

    ive been riding trials for about 5 years and have become bored with my michican trials... there is no vetical climb so i had the idea of going single speed. i still want to keep my regular bike for when i go to places with more vetical climb. so what i want is some tips, pointers and help on...
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    Can I change this into a Single Speed?

    Hi, The title pretty much says everything. I'm ok with bikes so I can understand some parts, but don't excpect me to know all the parts. I have a few pictures of the parts on it now. The lower the price the better. Thanks
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    old Schwinn—how to sell?

    Hey--I found an old Schwinn coaster, single-speed, that's too heavy for me to ride. It's a bit rusty w/ dented fenders, and it needs new tires and tubes. Otherwise (my friend checked it out) it's rideable. The bike store guy says Schwinn hasn't made this style of gear wheel since the 1940s at...