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    Stainless Steel DH Frame

    I wasn't planning on letting this cat out of the bag yet, but since a picture of it already leaked out on the interwebs I might as well roll with it. This frame (and a couple others) will be available first quarter 2013 from my burgeoning company - Oxide Cycles. I'm pursuing a grant to...
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    Down gearing a single speed MTB

    Hey, I own a Haro Thread 1 2009 but I have a little problem. I bought it single speed as standard but the gearing is far too high for me. It is currently running a 16t cassette and a 34t chain ring and I was wondering how I could down gear it. I want to down gear it by quite a lot almost trials...
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    Need Help Chosing Parts For A DJ Bike

    I'm planning on building a DJ bike that is SS with 24" wheels so it needs to be fairly light but also stong. I quite like the look of the yeti DJ 2009 or the DMR transition purple has anyone had any experiences with either of these frames? Also i would like to have some Halo SAS wheels and i...
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    Woodman Bill Single Hub

    Hi all - Has anyone got the tech details on the Woodman Bill Single, 36 hole hub; flange distance from centre (left and right) and also the flange diameter (left and right). I've emailed Woodman three times now without joy (guess all on hols). Many thanks in advance.