1. A

    Rear Shocks: What size should I buy.

    Hi, I have an Iron Horse SGS-Pro DH and just blew the rear shock. The shock size is 8.75 x 2.75. When I took it off I noticed that the frame can extend a little over an inch than the shock size that I had. So I'm pretty sure that it can fit at least a 9" shock. But I don't know if that's fine...
  2. ImILL

    DH Bike Sizing Help!

    So basically I am XC guy + dirt Jumper and I am looking to get into DH riding and maybe racing if I like it, but I'm 6'0 tall and 160lbs what size downhill bike should I be on? I ride a Large or 19 inch XC bike...Do I want the same size or a size smaller like a Medium? I heard I should ride a...
  3. Rapplez

    Difference of 170mm / 175mm cranks.

    I currently run 170mm cranksets on my bikes. DH, girlfriends AM, and my 20". I realize if I jump up to a 175mm the leverage ratio, feel, speed changes per each rotation. But will I feel that extra 5 mm per side? will I feel a drastic change? What else can I expect? lets hear your input? Thanks...
  4. yesimaddicted

    Experince with Lotek Shoes?

    So i need some new kicks for casual and dj/urban building/riding. pretty much a do it all shoe. was looking at nike but would like to try out lotek. 1. how do they size up compared to others? mainly Nike 2.durable? 3. CS, if they dont fit are the owners chill? and cus i know what...
  5. ridenorcal

    2008 dhr sizing

    I am about to order a 2008 Turner dhr but am a little unsure about the sizing. At 5'11, I am just outside of Turner's recommended height range for the size medium, however I don't feel like I should be on a large. Any dhr owners out there that are about my size? What sizes are you guys...
  6. A

    Demo 8 sizing

    I'm looking to be a Specialized demo 8 but i don't know if a medium would be the right size for me, as I'm new to the sport. I'm 5'10 - 5'11 can any one help, heres there products on the bike if it help at all. - demo 8 frame, black, 17" - boxxer 06 - manitou 4way (demo's where designed...