1. Mo(n)arch

    Cam Zink is evil for 2011!

  2. S.K.C.

    The EVIL Revolt Tech. and Tuning Archive

    *NOTE*: The Thread Direction markings on the main pivot hardware on the first few batches of frames were etched showing the incorrect direction. PM me if you are tearing down your Revolt for end of season maintanence and I'll help you sort this out. -Cheers! :) General Measurments: Head...
  3. S.K.C.

    The Official Iron Horse Sunday / DW-Link Tech. & Tuning Section

    (*A door creaks open... light pours into a pitch-black room... a figure appears in the doorway*) (*the figure steps in, the door closes then total darkness*) (*footsteps are heard followed by the sound of a person tripping over a metal bucket then falling down a flight of stairs*) OW...OW...