1. cleekndestroy

    New MTB Art Site

    Howdy, Since releasing my Zink documentary at the end of 2015, I’ve been in pre-production & planning for a couple of follow-up films, but also playing around with a few side projects. For one of them, I took a sliver of my bike photos and made fun pop-art designs for prints and t-shirts. The...
  2. D

    For Sale Eastern Black Betty Custom DJ Build

    I built this bike up specifically for park/dirt. I'm looking for something that can take some bigger hits and is designed for trails/dirt jumps. Slopestyle preferred. This bike has been great to me. It's solid, the geometry is PERFECT! Slammed chainstays, steep angle in the head tube. I just...
  3. H

    New Bike Park: Hilltop Bike Park - Mountain Rest, SC

    Introducing Hilltop Bike Park in Mountain Rest, SC (about 15 mins north of Walhalla off Hwy 28) We currently have a full slopestyle course with multiple tabled jump lines, drops, wallride, etc. We will also be building a dual slalom course and adding more jumps to the slopestyle area within...
  4. Tammy D

    New Women's Event in Colorado!

    Check this out - Dixie Trix is an all women's freeride MTB event in Grand Junction, CO. Clinics with pros, slopestyle, and a skills ride with Lindsey Voreis. Here's the flyer, registration page, and website. Contact donahugh@gmail.com for more info. http://www.BikeReg.com/15734...
  5. S

    Black diamond jumps rebuilt!!!!

    The jumps formally at black diamond that were torn down about a year ago are being rebuilt. The church that took the jumps out before are now not only willing to let us build there agian, but they are in full support with the help of local builders and the evergreen mountain bike alliance, to...
  6. H

    bmx cranks in IH MKIII

    hey, I am building an SS bike from an Ironhorse MKIII and wanted to know if there is a way to but a bmx 3 piece cranks in to the IH 68mm english BB shell. I have picked out eastern pro crank arms and an eastern medusa forged sprocket, if this helps any. saw this on a guys ss mkIII and...
  7. chance199

    Slopestyle racing

    wouldnt that be cool? haha my friend came up with the idea.. but dont think it would be?
  8. A

    Floutin' DJ & SS movie

    Who does it know the music credits from Floutin'?
  9. smbisig

    My whistler crankworx photos

    done with photos submission, these are what's left. enjoy! Photos Here steven bisig