snowshoe mountain

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    Chomolungma Challenge Results & Photos

    Racers from 16 US States and Canadian Provinces came together this weekend at Snowshoe Bike Park to lay down over 3,000 linear miles and over 2,220,000 vertical feet of Downhill Racing in the First Annual Chomolungma Challenge! Big shout out to everyone who attended the event this weekend! I’m...
  2. Michele Harris

    Chomolungma Challenge questions Snowshoe Mountain August 25th

    I haven't been able to find very much info on this. I know it is changed to August 25th and I know it is 20 laps. How is a downhill run a lap? Do you go down and ride the lift up and that's 1 lap or or do you have to stay on your bike for the up part and actually ride your bike up and down the...