1. Mtclimber03

    Ride April 1st in Orange Co. or San Bernardino Area?

    Hey guys, I'm visiting the area all the way from the Appalachian mountains of NC. I have one day to ride so I'm looking on advice where to ride this time of year. I'd also be up for riding partners if anyone wants to join or knows of group rides going on. I'm looking for a good 1/2 day (15-25...
  2. B

    xc ride...... dh style. (Saturday 1/13)

    We're doing this ride on our 45lb'ers. We will be going moderate pace, some walking possibly. Worth the J-drop section. If anyone wants to ride, but not in a hurry, we'll be starting at the bottom of sully canyon @ 9am. http://www.geoladders.com/show_route.php?route=291