1. E

    Identiti Mogul and DH Frame advice

    Hello ridemonkey Folks I'm looking for a new DH/ FR frame and the Identiti Mogul has caught my eye. http://www.identitibikes.com/products-details.php?id=FMITMD1K There seems to be zero info in the form of reviews or forum discussion out there on the web concerning this frame...
  2. Sandwich

    SOCOM Sunday

    I know everybody hates comparison threads, but I'm looking at either of these bikes for next seasons racing/dh ride and was wondering if anybody has experience on both, or at least the SOCOM. I'm looking at lightly used frames for racing and "free-dhing", in that I won't be hucking, but I won't...
  3. DaveyIntense

    Calling all intense riders lets see your bikes

    Please post photos of your Intense rigs so people can get an idea of builds and it will also help for break downs, what kit fits, E.T.C. Here is mine http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=96171315&albumID=2219825&imageID=30693034 Cheers