1. RUFUS

    New photo website

    www.rufusphoto.photoshelter.com Finally up and running. Got a few kinks to work out. I also have to go through more photos and really pick out the strong ones. Any feedback (+ or -) is much appreciated. Thanks guys!
  2. golgiaparatus

    My old bike...

    Just a quick :monkey: PSA... my old bike is up for sale if you know anyone that wants it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200504853495&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_836wt_1115
  3. RUFUS

    RUFUSDESIGN is back in business!!!!

    RUFUSDESIGN, maker of custom diecuts of all types, is back open for business and accepting diecut orders. At this time, I can do diecuts only, meaning that the deign is cut from vinyl, no printing involved. I am working very hard to get a new machine and new equipment. When that happens...
  4. r464

    Spam subject lines

    I have noticed lately that the emails coming through are getting more creative with their subject lines in an effort to entice you to open their message, regardless of the actual content. Interesting one of the day:
  5. M

    Biking Music

    I have been looking for some really great music to get me pumped when I'm riding and up until last week i had been settled on rap. however, now i think rock is the better choice and the band Pop Evil is a perfect band to get you pumped. Their song Hero is the ultimate pump up song. i checked out...
  6. stoney

    Awesome Restaurant.com Deal - 50% off discounted Gift Cards

    Sizzling Hot Deal ~ Expires Today 1. Click Here to go to Restaurant.com 2. Now find the gift certificate for your restaurant and add a $25 Gift Certificate to your shopping cart for $5 3. During checkout, apply 50% off entire order Discount Code "SIZZLING" on it (Expires...