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    Stainless Steel DH Frame

    I wasn't planning on letting this cat out of the bag yet, but since a picture of it already leaked out on the interwebs I might as well roll with it. This frame (and a couple others) will be available first quarter 2013 from my burgeoning company - Oxide Cycles. I'm pursuing a grant to...
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    Down gearing a single speed MTB

    Hey, I own a Haro Thread 1 2009 but I have a little problem. I bought it single speed as standard but the gearing is far too high for me. It is currently running a 16t cassette and a 34t chain ring and I was wondering how I could down gear it. I want to down gear it by quite a lot almost trials...
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    Need Help Chosing Parts For A DJ Bike

    I'm planning on building a DJ bike that is SS with 24" wheels so it needs to be fairly light but also stong. I quite like the look of the yeti DJ 2009 or the DMR transition purple has anyone had any experiences with either of these frames? Also i would like to have some Halo SAS wheels and i...
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    Need some feedback

    what about this video watch it and tell me what you think