1. highdelll

    How much to cut spokes?

    Hey guys - new here. So, I got these wheels at a really great price - the problem is that they are too big for my bike. I think that they are 29er wheels I have an 'All-Hillsides' Rock-hopper So, the back wheel rubs a ton, and I can't get the front wheel in my forks I can see now, that the...
  2. guiepinto

    Best spokes for DH

    Hi monkeys! I'm building a new wheelset and already have Hope Pro 2 hubs and Mavic 823's rims. What is the best option (low weight, but still strong) from DT Swiss? I can't come to a conclusion because there are so many models out there...
  3. guiepinto

    Ti Spokes

    Does anyone use Ti spokes on DH bikes? Are they strong enough? Where can I get them?
  4. C

    Colored spokes???

    Are there any companies out there who make a good quality (preferably double butted) colored spokes??? I'd really like a nice blue anodized color like I9 or Chris King :thumb:
  5. ohio

    D3.1 and Alpine III build notes

    This should probably go in the Mech Forum, but given the components, it's probably more useful here... So last night, I finally got away from work early enough to lace up the new wheelset: D3.1s, Hope Bulbs, DT Alpine IIIs, 16mm brass nipples. They didn't get tensioned for two reasons: 1...