1. dexter

    For Sale Push/ Hyperco springs

    For sale are two separate push/ hyperco springs. Sizes: 1- 475 200 4/19 2- 459 200 Each has around 100 miles on them. Price includes shipping.
  2. J

    Fox DHX RC4

    Right, this is my first time on here so if something's wrong just correct me ... I've just purchased a second hand dh bike (a giant reign x0 2009 if I'm correct) and it had an upgraded rear shock on it and it happens to be the fox DHX rc4 spring ... now, I'm 200lbs there or there abouts and I...
  3. max.broman

    Spring Rates?

    What spring rates are best for riders of different weights? For example, a 350 spring rate would be be suited for riders of _ pounds, 400 for riders of _, and so on. If it depends on suspension design, add in for what suspension design, maybe we can add to the FAQ when it's done.
  4. ivanfiestas

    Intense 951 owners: What springs are you running?

    Hi, since there is a little confusion about the spring rates that people should be using on their 951, I though we all could list here our specs, in this order. RIDER WEIGHT (WITHOUT GEAR) - SHOCK - SPRING RATE - SETTING OF INCHES (8 or 8.5) List of users and specs: Ivan...
  5. ultraNoob

    2008 SRAM X9 Shifter

    Here's my disassembly and reassembly of an X9 rear shifter. I'm not too technical with my terminology but I'll do my best to keep the names for the parts as intuitive as I can. Hope this helps some of you out there. The info should be similar if not identical to the 07/08 X0's.I did my best...