1. I

    Front end shake

    I have a Diamondback response that I just use to get back and forth to work, and am kind of new to the whole bicycle mechanics stuff so dont beat me up too bad. When I apply the brakes the front end of my bike seems to move back and forth a bit. it feels like its from the stem or something on...
  2. E

    Stem survey for my college thesis

    Hey guys! I'm doing a thesis on designing a new stem so I NEED YOU! I've made a REALLY short survey (only 9 questions long.) just asking about anything you may have had gone wrong with a stem you have owned. Even if your stem has never failed there are no answers as well (Which do still...
  3. erikkellison

    Lightest crowns for Fox 40?

    So I have a 40, and I got to thinking about how much I like direct mount stems. I know that a few companies make them: Burgtec, Persist, Risse, Function Bikes in OR, Go-Ride and some guy in Hong Kong. What I want to know is this: What's the lightest setup out there? I have the stock crown...