1. C

    For Sale 2003 Kona Stinky - Saint/Pike/XTR/ChrisKing

    For sale is an old but very much hooked up 2003 Kona Stinky. Size is LARGE, appropriate for someone in the 5' 9" to 6' 2" range. 6" travel in the rear, 5.5" travel in the front, both coil. Component highlights: Saint calipers, rotors, derailleur, and rear hub Chris King 20mm thru-axle front...
  2. chance199

    Going Insane.

    Today riding around on my Stinky something started squeaking on my bike when i as riding around. its driving me INSANE . For the life of me i cant figure it out! :drool: it sounds like its coming from under me? haha
  3. chance199

    Fox DHX 4.0 question

    so i was riding today and was jumping down this: and off the first bit i kept maxing out or i guess you could bottoming out the shock. i need to know how i might be able to help stop by changing the rebound or maybe preload? any ideas? sorry on crappy quality, taken with my camera...
  4. chance199

    haha this is how bad i am

    aren't you proud of my crappiness? (: FYI: im a beginner. (: