stolen bike

  1. L

    Stolen: my deceased husband's orange Rikulau road bike

    Yesterday, Valentine's Day, my deceased husband's beloved orange 953 steel Rikulau road bike was stolen IN BROAD DAYLIGHT after it was parked, locked at Planet Granite, SF climbing gym. This unusual orange bike, purchased in 2010 from A Bicycle Odyssey, Sausalito, was kitted out with SRAM group...
  2. ChiliPepper

    **Stolen Specialized P2 from Melbourne/Palm Bay Area**

    OK, this pertains more to central FL, but mainly the Brevard County area on the space coast (east coast). Earlier today a Specialized P2 was stolen from my friends bike rack after running in real quick to get some water from his apartment. Here are the best specs I can give you,,,,, Black...