Do I dare ask?

    Okay, I make a post about Charlie Sheen being a douche bag and I see my title change from "Monkey" to "WINNING!" Do I dare ask what this means? I did notice most of the regular posters have very sarcastic slights under their names. Should I care? Is this my informal acceptance to the herd kind...
  2. jdcamb

    Park IB-1

    Quite handy as my scottish friend says.... Glad he gave me mine.
  3. eric strt6

    car accident

    A man and his wife were arguing when they were involved in a serious car accident. The wife was killed instantly, the husband died a few days later and they met at Heaven's gate.... The wife wife says" we are finally together again!" The husband says "no freaking wayl I'm free... the deal...
  4. sanjuro


    I visited my favorite shop, and there is a "tough guy" college student working there. We were talking our usual smack to each other, and we were talking about fighting or something. The tough guy gives me a defiant look and challenges me to take him on right in the shop. I figure...
  5. jonKranked

    some bike/commuter related legislation...

    I'll just leave this right here: http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/03/lahood-policy-statement/
  6. stosh

    Woot made me hungry....

  7. MMike

    Not pulling any strings, I have been injured by a tampon

    ....but I'd rather not talk about it
  8. stosh


    WTF that bar at the top of the page with all the silly words is almost as useless at RM Credits. It makes me want to quit RM.