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  1. Pesqueeb

    Apparently, being an a$$hole gets you what you deserve..

    :mad: Or at least a series of potential misdemeanor's in Colorado Springs. My neighbor works in Denver for the FBI. I'm not really sure in what capacity, we never really talk, he's pretty reclusive. Lawn hardly ever gets mowed, lots of trash, house hasn't had paint in whats clearly been at...
  2. DirtMcGirk

    Eye crusties

    I guess allergy season finally started. I'm back to sneezing a lot and waking up every morning with big ol' eye boogers. Anyone found anything over the counter that works? I was on zyrtec for the past few years, and it worked well enough I suppose, but it never covered all the bases. I've...
  3. sanjuro

    Going Postal?

    I just found out that a co-worker quit on Friday, which I took off. The story is that he got into an argument about running red lights, which another co-worker did driving to lunch, then when asked about some file transfers, he told everyone, including our boss, that he quits. My boss...
  4. I Are Baboon

    Pop goes my knee

    I injured my knee last night in my deck hockey game. I was running behind the net and I felt a pop. I collapsed immediately in pain. Damn did that hurt. I can not put any weight on that leg. It hurts like hell this morning. A quick trip the ER last night (in and out in an hour!) gave...
  5. DirtMcGirk

    I don't see the appeal of long, torturing distance XC rides...

    Being back in Reno the opportunity for some really long, nasty, "God I want to shoot myself in the head" before turning another crank sort of rides is around for a couple more weeks before the snow flies. And I don't get the appeal. It could be that I am way out of shape. It could be that...