1. tmx

    Wonder Woman

    Tammy's husband never got over his boyhood crush so he married the next generation's version of the superheroine. http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/Tammy-Donahughs-Wonder-Woman-Superco,1483/Slideshow,9882/sspomer,2
  2. Beast

    NEW SuperCo Super Colors

    SuperCo just released two SNAZZY new colors for their 2010 lineup. Click here for the goods. :thumb: :thumb: Test rides available at the upcoming Ladies Weekend at Ray's for all makes and models (including the DH).
  3. c2001

    Superbowl? Nah, SUPERCO SILENCER!!!

    here she is in all her glory, the Superco Silencer prototype DH bike. Dirt gave us the scoop on this impeccable whip and now you can learn more from the man himself with audio, photos and video of the suspension. THANKS TERRY AND DOC! this bike is freaking aces! fyi, no release date or...