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    What do you want in PISGAH? Vote or shut the hell up!

    I just copied this from another site hoping to get more aggressive riders input. It takes all of 1 minute. Pisgah Area SORBA » Blog Archive » Pisgah Area Trail Evaluation User Input Survey The United States Forest Service is developing a Non-Motorized Trails Strategy for how the trails we...
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    Indoor Bike Park Rumors

    Hey I found this post on Craigslist recently. Its a survey about indoor bike parks Anyone heard anything more about an indoor bike park in Philly? That would be awesome, even with the warm weather the trails have been soaked this year.
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    Stem survey for my college thesis

    Hey guys! I'm doing a thesis on designing a new stem so I NEED YOU! I've made a REALLY short survey (only 9 questions long.) just asking about anything you may have had gone wrong with a stem you have owned. Even if your stem has never failed there are no answers as well (Which do still...
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    Risky Activities Online Survey - Participants Needed

    Hey Everyone, I'm a researcher at UCLA. As part of my current line of anthropological research, I'm investigating the frequency with which people participate in various physically risky sports and activities. I'm running a short online survey as part of this research. The survey only...