1. evomo

    Vote for the t-shirt design contest winner

    View each finalists t-shirt design, then vote for whom you think should win using the star rating system bellow the image. 5 Stars is best. Go here to view the finalists and vote... http://evomo.com/blog/2009/03/23/evomo-2009-t-shirt-contest-finalists-voting-is-open/ thanks to all who...
  2. evomo

    Design a T-shirt for Evomo and some cash and shiznit

    http://evomo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/mainpic_evomo_tshirtcontest09.jpg design a t-shirt for Evomo and you could win some shiznit.. Grand Prize Winner gets over $400 in cash and merch… * $100 CASH * 10 Free shirts of the printed winning design * Winner’s...
  3. Echo

    Ridemonkey Merchandise - T-shirts, Beanies

    This thread will contain information about currently available Ridemonkey gear, such as clothing, stickers, beer glasses, etc. If you are interested in creating and selling gear with the Ridemonkey logo and/or name, you need to get approval from the site owner. After your design is...