1. Bog Dogs

    The Pride of Carrying the American Flag

    This is a somewhat personal story. I come from a very patriotic family but when I was 19 years old I failed to live up to one of their expectations. 18 years later I found redemption at a BMX track. Veterans will probably be able to relate to this - The Pride of Carrying the Flag <admin edit...
  2. Uncle Cliffy

    Toyota Tacoma.

    So I've been lusting for one a bit now. (Crew cab.) To the owners, have they been reliable? I'm asking specifically about the latest gen. model. Newer than 2005... All the ones on Toyota lots are "Certified" but do you really need the warranty? Any horror stories out there?
  3. Quo Fan

    So, I need a new truck

    Read this thread to find out why. What I want, is a mid-sized pickup, 6' bed, extended cab (not double), 4 wheel drive and not a base model. I had a Tacoma base 4X4 with very few options. Make some recommendations.