1. ohio

    For Sale '08 Fox Float RC2 160mm 1 1/8" 20mm

    Kinda old school but in great shape with fresh seals and oil. 7.5" steerer. Been out of the loop, so if my price is unfair, definitely make an offer. Just want to clear out the closet. Will clean off mud before shipping but you may as well see it in its natural state. Email marc DOT fen AT...
  2. Nick

    For Sale '14 Fox 36 RC2 TALAS 160mm fork

    SOLD '14 Fox 36 RC2 TALAS 160mm fork Excellent condition, barely a scratch, always regularly serviced. Straight 1 1/8" steer tube (8.5"), 36mm genuine Kashima coated stanchions, latest TALAS travel adjust air spring, currently set to 160/130 but I can adjust to whatever you'd like from 160/150...
  3. marpilli

    Fox IFP Charging Tool - DIY Build

    While servicing my first Fox TALAS fork, I realized I needed a Fox IFP Charging Tool to deflate and re-inflate the IFP chamber. I found the tool online for around $100. That seemed a little expensive and I wanted to find a DIY alternative if possible. There were several forum posts stating a...
  4. brandonbmx1

    Question for Talas 180 and 160 owners (travel modification?)

    For those of you who own the new talas 180mm fork: Has anyone tried or considered trying to replace the talas unit with one of the old 3 position talas units? I think this may make the fork a three position travel fork at 180mm, 150mm, and 120mm. What does everyone think? It may be a little...