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    20mm Solid Stainless Steel Axle 48h Rear Single Speed Hub?

    Hi All, Tried searching a bit around to no avail. So I have this redonkulous ride...a fully Steel HiCycle...aka the Metal Mustang! :D Keep bending the rear axle...i'm on at least the 5th bent axle now so I think I just want to beef it up...really not concerned with weight...this is my...
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    Downhill bike for a tall person

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying my first downhill bike but I'm running into a problem. I'm 6'7" and most bikes I'm seeing are 17" at max with a ~30" SO. My XC bike is a 21" and I have a 36" inseam. What are my options in finding a bike for my size? Thanks and let me know if there's any...