tattoos teh gay

  1. IH8Rice

    another stupid tattoo

    more tattoo stupidness. and its not montashu! 10 hour session real?
  2. ride4fun

    Cover up tattoo - any ideas??

    I wanted to get a mountain bike design - maybe helmet or bike image. not sure. any ideas??
  3. BurlyShirley

    More Tattoo Stupidity...

    Good god. I mean, I love the Bears, but c'mon... www.biggestbearfan.com I'll give him credit for having Mike Ditka's signature most prominent, but it's really just retarded.
  4. DirtMcGirk

    Full body/up onto neck tattoos: Too scumbag?

    Sitting around watching Constantine tonight. Made me think I want a few points that come up from my body tattoo and onto my neck. Too scumbag?
  5. Jorvik

    This is even dumber than my other tattoo

    Yesterday I felt like I'd go with my buddy to his friend's house because I was bored. When I get there, I start drinking and I find out he does tattoos. I'd seen my friend's calves before and they looked pretty good. I didn't realilze that this guy did them at his house. The tattoo guy asked...