1. ire

    TdF, lets talk about what happened

    It was a good stage, I was bummed Danny Pate didn't have enough to pull the win. CSC is the team to beat and Andy did an amazing ride to help his brother gain yellow. Is Frank good enough in the TT to hold off Cadel? Isn't there only one more TT? Kohl had an impressive ride as well......CSC is...
  2. N8 v2.0

    Yet another TdF doping scandal...

    it seems to me that the simplest solution would be a lifetime ban from cycling if caught. One to two years in not enough of a threat while a lifetime ban would be. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/ap/20080718/tsp-cyc-tour-de-france-6e81073.html
  3. DRB

    That's how he does it.....

    http://www.cyclingnews.com/road/2008/tour08/news/?id=/news/2008/jul08/jul17news4 My guess is that he was taking too much glory from the French.....
  4. ire

    Stage 11

    There is a group about 15 minutes up with one Cofidis guy about a minute ahead of that. It will be interesting to see if he can hold....too bad I have to go to work :plthumbsdown: Priero tried to go off the front of the peleton, but they weren't having it.....I think they learned their lesson...
  5. ire

    Stage 10

    I can't believe Valverde was dropped off the front group....I figured he would attack today to try and gain back time on Evans. Too bad I have to go to work and can't watch the finish :(
  6. Konabumm


    Anyone know if they are streaming the tour this year? I'm not getting anything from eurosport?
  7. ire

    TdF Stage 1 - spoiler

    That was a good stage, I couldn't believe how bad the wind was. I thought Kirchen had it, especially since he has won on similar moves. The move by Valverde was phenomenal, definitely a show of power...we'll see if he can keep it up for three weeks :)