the one

  1. guiepinto

    Avid X.0 or Formula The One?

    Hey guys! I just got a new 2011 Demo 8 with Avid X.0 brakes... How powerful are they compared to Formula The Ones??? Any reviews on the new X.0's yet? I was running The One's in my old Demo and always liked them. Before these, I was running Code's, which I didn't like that much...
  2. M

    Formula The One bore caps

    Does anyone know of any company making custom bore caps for The Ones? Such as the blue ones on the Mondraker Summum? Not a huge fan of the gold.
  3. erikkellison

    Time for new Brakes: Hope? Formula? Magura?

    So, I'm currently rocking the Hope Mono M4's with floating rotors, black CNC calipers, etc etc. I was thinking about rebuilding them but I'm on the fence as to whether they need it. The front feels a little funny, and a bleed may make them feel great, but basically the real truth is that I'm a...