1. PatBranch


    Has anyone seen anything similar for bikes? I've searched and found lots of talk about it, but no actual devices or services. I think Lojack would be too big to put in the frame, but I haven't seen any good pictures of it.
  2. nelsonjm

    Free slurpees today from 7-11 locations

    It's only a small, but it's free. Did anybody else take advantage of this yet?
  3. fuzzynutz

    My bike was stolen today!

    :plthumbsdown: I had an 07 Ibex x-ray cyclocross bike, 57 cm, charcoal pearl. It was locked outside of the new Uncle Dan's outdoor shop in Evanston. If any of you monkeys in the chicagoland land area see the bike turn up in any shop or any website, please contact me. email sigalos @...
  4. geargrrl

    Maybe this is my stolen bike on CL, now what do I do?

    I've been watching CL religiously for my son's stolen haro. An exact same bike appeared today, listed in a city that is across state lines. I have the serial number and a police report number. Naturally, our city cops don't answer the phone on a Sunday. We went ahead and made a plan to...
  5. sanjuro

    Stealing From Britain’s Bicyclist-in-Chief

    Stealing From Britain’s Bicyclist-in-Chief By Mike Nizza A lot of bicycles are stolen in London — nearly 19,000 a year, according to Reuters. But thieves who prefer to operate in the shadows have stumbled today into the top of Britain’s headlines. Someone swiped the bike of the British...
  6. T

    Ways to keep your bike from getting stolen?

    Aside from locking it (which I do), that is. I go to summerschool (as those who actually read the GMTs probably realize) and over the course of the past three weeks, several people have had cranks, forks, wheels, brakes etc stolen. And I'm a bit worried, what with owning a $550 bike with...
  7. B

    flakey wheel builder

    I really don't want to take this route by making this public matter but the other alternative is legal action. I had custom wheel set built and supposable shipped on may 15 and today is june 28 and still no wheels. I’ve repeatedly ask for the tracking number, I’m either ignored or told he’ll...
  8. D

    Some Bastard Stole My Bike At Gunpoint!!!

    SOME BASTARD STOLE MY BIKE AT GUNPOINT!!! On June 4th, in Kanata, some bastard came up to me put a gun to my head and took my bike! This cock-sucker had a Beretta pistol and said he would shoot me if I didn't give him the bike. He also said if I called the cops he would kill me. This was...
  9. sanjuro

    How to tell you are in a bad neighborhood?

    I lock my bike in front of a police station in the Tenderloin, and I ask a departing cop if my bike is safe here. He says, "Not in this neighborhood". I responded, "good thing I brought two locks."