this is why you're fat

  1. Nick

    Prime Rib roast

    I'm cooking a boneless prime rib for xmas dinner for me and a few friends. Seems simple and straightforward enough. Any tips or tricks to make it exceptional? Seasonings, rubs, hot beef injectables? Cheers.
  2. amishmatt

    So I made this for Thanksgiving (bacon content)

    Bacon-apple pie. Before: After: More or less a traditional apple pie with a bacon crust. Pretty good, actually, even if it wasn't a traditional dessert pie. More of a breakfast pie if you ask me. Not as popular as my pumpkin, pecan and cherry pies, but I think I can work...
  3. Arkayne

    Cheesecake Factory

    leaves you with great leftovers for a work lunch. I've relatives in Vancouver and the visits from them have gone up because of cheap flights. $89 out of Bellingham, git'out! Anyway, I stole one of CF's menus and keep it in the magazine pocket of the car. Ordering for Curbside Takeout at the...