this thread does not suck

  1. MMike

    Other peoples' music

    So I'm driving in today. My mp3 and FM transmitter in full effect. A guy pulls up beside me and I start getting interference. So I pause my music, and I can clearly hear the other guy's. He was a kid in a lowered Civic, with baseball cap on backwards.....totally rocking out to Gloria...
  2. MMike

    It's been a few days now....

    I think we've had time to digest it. Come to terms with it. But I think it's important that we talk about it openly. We need to accept that the bird is the word.
  3. HAB


    This thread is going to be a lot less interesting than the title might suggest. I've been building my own wheels for years, and have laced up 4 or 5 sets for myself. I've never broken a spoke on any of the wheels I built for myself. But in the last two rides I've been on, I've broken 3...
  4. Arkayne

    Introducing my new mini-monkey

    8/20 8:11PM 19" 7lb my baby Noah made his debut! I gotta tell you, what a wonderful life changing event. I'm a daaaad!