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    Goddbye train wreck charlie!! Sheen fired!

    SAY GOOD BYE LOSER!!! :butcher: Today Charlie Sheen got FIRED! :clapping::weee: What a tool! YAAAAAY! Good bye for good and good riddance! Today, Warner Bros., announced they have fired Charlie Sheen from CBS's #1 comedy show, Two and a half men! Thank god! What a troll loser! He's just as...
  2. C

    REAL "inventor" of ABP/Split Pivot

    Check this out - it looks like some boys from down under are the real "inventors" of the ABP/ Split Pivot design: "If the seatstay link was concentric to the axle (ie the pivot was at the axle) then you could run the brake caliper on that and it'd be like one big floating brake... not...
  3. MMike

    Car vermin

    So two things, I like pretty much out in the sticks, and I've already had a problem with a rodent in my car chewing on wires. Well now they are eating my candy. I thought I was going insane. I happen to like mints. I will usually have a small bag in the car with me. The other day I...
  4. CrabJoe StretchPants

    GFF would be proud....

    Conversation I just had with the cougar in the office: Me: I used to be a male stripper during college to help pay for books. Cougar: What kind of mail did you strip? Letters, envelopes or big packages? Me: You could say big packages were involved. *winks and walks away* I had to share...
  5. I Are Baboon

    ~~ Labor Day GMT - Day Off ~~

    HOORAY No Work Monday! Wife and I are heading out for an MTB ride in about an hour...we're going to meet up with MMcG. :weee: Good weekend so far. :)
  6. MMike

    on the front page of MSN.com

    No wonder Tiger cheated on her. Shut your freaking face, you spoiled whore! "Been through hell".....Because you're the ONLY one who has ever had to deal with such horrible stress. I only pray that your low-fat latte wasn't cold this morning. Poor little bazillionaire. They really need...
  7. SkaredShtles

    ~~Wednesday GMT~~

    Is it better to have it late or really, really early?
  8. mandown

    Bacon Rocket - has nothing to do with my pantz... for a change

  9. MMike

    We have a bear in town

    http://www.montrealgazette.com/technology/Young+bear+spotted+Lazare/3248913/story.html I'm glad to hear that they just want to leave him be........
  10. DirtMcGirk

    Toddlers and Tiaras...

    What planet are these frigging people from? You'd think after Jean Benet that they'd maybe come to terms with the idea that dressing their daughters like micro-hookers in Thailand that maybe pedophiles and child snatchers would get their jollies from this. Do any of your kids do this? WTF...
  11. loco-gringo

    Politics and Facebook...

    I think I give up. I want to just yell "shut the f*#k up already!!!!" If my mom in law wasn't a friend, I just might have done it. What a bunch of whiny cunts I have for friends. I am super duper tired of every Goddamned post being about health care or Biden cursing, or any of it. Whiny cunts...
  12. DirtyMike

    Hogan and Flair???

    Are you ****ting me??????? Hogan and Flair back in the ring again??????? WTF? Didnt these old Fcuks retire like seven times now????? ****, now I see were favre got the idea from.
  13. mandown

    Yankee's - I'm hooked

    I just found this new "novelty" shop in WeHo called Yankee's. They have way better prices than The Pleasure Chest, and their selection of BBW and Tranny films is second to none. I signed up for the member-ship card and grabbed a bonus discount on my first purchase. I love the sign in the...
  14. ROB_BMW

    Pinkbike vs. Ridemonkey

    let the battle begin.....??????
  15. loco-gringo

    Found a good use for a phone today...

    I took a pic of my ass with a guy at the shop's phone and made it his wallpaper. :D
  16. numerik

    WC 2010 team changes

    I know WC just finished, but in a way it's starting again. So, any news about changing teams for the big guns? Regarding top riders - I think Rennie won't race on Kenda Morewood (ok, Maxxis Morewood :D). His team had no Rennie posters in Schladming, just Delfs. Maybe I am wrong though... Ther...
  17. Rip

    Komatsu drifting.

    What did the guy say?
  18. sanjuro

    Absinthe, Malt Liquor & IPA - bad combination

    I am really fcked up!
  19. loco-gringo

    I welcome you to join the newest RM social group.

    Come one, come all. http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/group.php?groupid=26

    Ugh... so Jim, what you got in your hand there?

    Ugh... so Jim, what's that you got in your hand there?