this thread sucks

  1. DirtyMike

    Best Redneck Pictures

    I will start
  2. loco-gringo

    Pinky McLovin...

    I finally saw Superbad and think McLovin is a brilliant name, so I have adopted it. I was also nick named "pinky" today. I decided to merge them. I shall not leave loco-gringo here, but shall change my name in real life to Pinky McLovin. What an idea. :lighten:
  3. Windowlicker

    Demonoid Invites

    I thought I had 1. Turns out I have 5. Gave 2 away and so what does that mean you math wizards? I have 3 left. Anyone interested? All my buddies already have their own accounts so why not give them away at ridemonkey?!
  4. HAB


    This thread is going to be a lot less interesting than the title might suggest. I've been building my own wheels for years, and have laced up 4 or 5 sets for myself. I've never broken a spoke on any of the wheels I built for myself. But in the last two rides I've been on, I've broken 3...
  5. S

    Bike Question

    How do Trek's stack up against other bikes? I see alot of Fuji and Specialized bikes, and some other names I've never heard. Just wondering how a Trek ranks among the mix. Pretty respectfully?
  6. r464

    I experienced a creamy middle today

  7. MMike

    I am influential

    So it's kind of a running thing here at work. i occasionally burn a CD for the guys in the shop....of the most obscure/awful/retarded music i can think of. So I brought in a new one today. Among other things, it had "The Final Countdown" by Europe on it. So far today I've now caught at...
  8. Konabumm

    I wonder

    How many more ads can be crammed into the Ridemonkey website.
  9. BigMike

    I don't know what happened to the stupid olympic events thread....

    But I just found out there is WALKING! FREAKING WALKING IS AN OLYMPIC SPORT! http://trackandfield.about.com/od/distanceevents/a/olymwalkbasic.htm
  10. sanjuro

    Chinese Doping Scandals

    Well, I watch China dominate certain strength and endurance sports, I think to myself about the resources of a super power dedicated to beating doping controls. I found these two articles about Chinese Doping: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24062393-2722,00.html...
  11. Drunken_Ninja

    $what is the Color of your credit card$?

    monkey search mine is gold:clapping:
  12. Rip

    I know Bon Jovi sucks and all...

    But he has to pay up. He promised a free concert if the Philadelphia Soul beat San Jose in the Arena Bowl. http://sports.espn.go.com/extra/afl/recap?gameId=280727073 Still not going.
  13. AngryMetalsmith

    More fun with guessing

    I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 3. Can anyone guess ?
  14. stinkyboy

    Conversations Overheard at Work

    "Do you have time to put an email into a document?" "You mean copy and paste?" "Well, maybe retype it..." :bonk:
  15. MMike

    I just saw boobs. (sorry no pics)

    So I was just at the grocery store getting lunch. Some chick is wearing a spaghetti strap tank top thing....around her midsection with both boobs out for all to enjoy. It would seem that her baby HAD been nursing, and then fell asleep, (as is their wont). So she's walking around the store...
  16. manhattanprjkt83

    holy fuc%

    holy fuc$ my girlfriend is coming over:monkeydance:
  17. DirtMcGirk

    Taco Bell Over Dose...

    I just spent $14.53 at Taco Bell. I had three grilled steak tacos. Two bean burritos A soft taco a grilled steak quesidilla. I think I am going to puke.
  18. MMike

    Not pulling any strings, I have been injured by a tampon

    ....but I'd rather not talk about it
  19. DirtMcGirk

    Go out, burn tires, deforest land, use styrafoam...

    Goddamn I am sick of winter here in the North West. All the races are on hold. Whistler isn't all the way open. It was 60 today and I felt warm... Someone do me a favor, shoot Al Gore in the face. If it wasn't for him telling everyone to drive a damn Prius, which only contributes Smug...
  20. MMike

    KNIGHT RIDER!! Lesbians!!!

    I'm watching the Knight Rider TV movie. There are lesbians. KITT is a mustang. That's just not right. Very poor acting. Very cheesy. Not like the original. But there were no lesbians in the original....