this will end badly

  1. pinkshirtphotos

    gas question

    I am going up to Vermont this weekend. I am trying to make this a super cheep trip. Gas is nearly 30cents more per gallon up there. I was thinking of taking 3; 5 gallon tanks and filling them at home and just keeping them in my trunk. The added weight will only be 100 lbs. Only problem I could...
  2. stosh

    Hottest VP canidate ever!!!!!!!

    Sarah Palin Dick Cheney was a close second though. I wonder if she's going to hook someone.
  3. pinkshirtphotos

    burlington monkies

    does/ has anyone lived around burlington, vt. I am looking for the cheapest place to stay this fall for a few random weekends. My girlfriend is going to school at UVM and I need a place to crash when I visit. Thanks for anyone who can lead me in the right direction.
  4. Red Rabbit


    What is your significant other's preferance? Mine hates Roses Carnations Anything pink, anything red. Any suggestions?