thomas vanderham

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    Sam Hill/TV Mini Teaser

    Hey all, Sorry, a little late on this one, as some of you may have already picked up on our latest teaser that has been floating around the internet. In case you haven't seen the Sam Hill & Thomas Vanderham mini teaser from our soon to be released film Follow Me, pls follow the link below...
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    Whistler Q&A

    Hey everyone, After returning from Kamloops, Brendan Fairclough and Thomas Vanderham joined us for some late season shooting in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Recently, fellow Anthill filmmaker Jonathan Schramm wrote-up a blog on trying to find new ways to shoot one of the most filmed bike...
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    New Blog/Photos on Anthill Site

    Hey everyone, We haven't posted for awhile, so we thought we would update you all on the progression of Follow Me. We have a new blog post up on our site from the time we spent recently in Kamloops. If you would like to take a read, pls follow this link...