ti spring

  1. Nick

    For Sale RCS Titanium spring. 450#, 1.38" ID, 9.5x3"

    RCS Titanium coil spring. 450# spring rate 1.38" ID (fits Fox DHX, RC4 and Elka) Excellent condition. $125
  2. J

    Obtanium/ K9 Thrust Bearing Search!

    I have been searching for an Obtanium or K9 brand thirst bearing with no luck! It has to be one of those two brand because the spring I am using (Obtanium) and the shock I am using (Vivid) both use 1.5 ID. If you have one and are looking to get rid of it please let me know, thanks!
  3. guiepinto

    Bent Ti Spring on One End

    While installing my Obtanium Ti spring onto my new frame/shock, I just realized one end of the spring is bent. Is it a real problem if the spring is not seating around (touching) 100% in the bushings?