tinfoil trainwreck

  1. Pesqueeb

    Whats the over/under....

    .... On whether or not this is the work of a tea-tard? Remember Sharon Angles second amedment remedey threat? *edit for more info: Jumpin Jeebus
  2. BurlyShirley

    Rick: Why would Gov't Demand Public Trial of 9/11 perps?

    I mean, if there's this grand conspiracy and cover-up and all of that, you'd think they'd stick with those military tribunals where the judge can just decide to throw out whatever evidence he wants, and seal all court records, disallow media and all that stuff. Instead, they're going to try them...
  3. RenegadeRick

    Happy Patriot Day!

    Just a reminder about what happened to the fuel that was in the plane that hit WTC 2. Happy Patriot Day!