1. Full Trucker

    Side of Bacon

    If you run tubeless (and you should DEFINITELY be running tubeless, get with the program, McFly!) then you should always have these Bad Larry's in your tool kit. These little bastards have saved my bacon more than once on the trail... including a 3/4" long sidewall tear near the bead on my rear...
  2. D

    Newbie downhill advice - tires and fork

    Hi everyone. I am 15 years old and I am relatively new to downhill. Last year I bought a Gary fisher all mountain bike and I snapped the frame, so I bought a 2004 Astrix Huckster but I suffered a back injury shortly after that so I sold it. I was just cleared to ride dh again so I bought a...
  3. Wuffles

    Procore kills the Plus (size)?

    So since this is a new account I can't post a direct link, but if you were to go to, say, Empty Beer at: http://reviews[dot]mtbr[dot]com/ibis-mojo-3-first-ride-review you can find a nice little write-up of the new Mojo 3. Peanut Butter also has a review at...
  4. ZHendo

    Rainy Season Tire Debate

    With dark beers and gritty, sloppy trails making a return here in the Northwest, I'm looking at new trail bike tires to tide me over through the fall/winter. I'm currently running a WTB Vigilante up front which has been pretty good in dry-ish / medium conditions, but the wet has it a bit...
  5. O

    Lightweight DH Riders...rims, tires, and PSI

    I have a son getting ready to make the transition from 24" wheels up to 26" wheels. There will be so many options! He weighs 83 pounds and rides an XS Demo 8. Couple questions for all you small riders out there: 1) Is a 500g rim like the DT Swiss EX500 or Stan's Flow EX a good rim for DH...
  6. max.broman

    Wheels and Tires?

    Alright, what are everybody's favorite wheels. Then need to be something that is good for some downhill riding, but mostly more of an AM/XC kind of riding. Think super D. Trail riding. Oh and i'm up for tire suggestions too.
  7. MetalMayhem

    Best tires for East coast and US Open?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. If it has, please direct me to those threads. The search is NOT working for me for some reason. Anyway... What are some of the best options for riding on the East Coast? Beech Mtn, Snowshoe, and also for riding up at Diablo for the US open...
  8. chance199

    PNW Tire reccomendations?

    I need to get some tired for my big hit 3. i CAN NOT decide what tired to get. so i decided to ask the fellow pnw ridemonkeys for ideas. All i really do is Down Hill and Free Ride. Im looking for a tire that can handle every condition we have around here. I was looking for something thats not...
  9. chance199

    is this tire okay to use?

    Didnt feel like retyping it all. help would be very helpful though. http://www.pinkbike.com/forum/listcomments/?threadid=95104
  10. E

    Michelin DH Tires - where to get them?

    Is there any e-shop (in Europe, if possible), that acually has Michelin DH 16 or/and 24 tires in stock? CRC has not them anymore and I didn't find them anywhere else.
  11. sstalder5

    What does UST stand for on tires???

    First of all i'm not looking for a lesson on tubeless tires. i know how they work and i dont want to run them. but ive been looking around for a good set of dh tires (i think ive decided on maxxis minions either 2.5 or 2.7) and the little acronym ust keeps coming up. i know it means that the...
  12. dexterq20

    Help me buy snow tires for my car

    I've never lived anywhere where it snows, but I recently moved to the mountains and will be needing to buy snow tires for my front wheel drive Mazda wagon. I know nothing about car wheels and tires, or snow tires for that matter, so I'm hoping you snow-friendly monkeys can help me out. It is...
  13. M

    good tires?

    i want to start riding more street with my ht but dont know what tires are good for trying to learn trials and riding street, can annyone help?
  14. rsdmag

    Hutchinson Tubeless

    Just picked up a pair and will be mounting them up to a set of Bontrager Race-lite wheels. Ride report soon.
  15. narlus

    road tire recommendations

    my ride yesterday was curtailed when i found a rear flat...i swapped the tubes, and then decided to check out where the tube failed, and ended up finding a tear in the tire. i think it's some sort of michelin, but truth be told i have no idea what would be the best tire to get. any suggestions?
  16. vtjim

    Tire Choice

    A new set of wheels showed up with the big brown truck today and they came with a set of Kenda Nevagal's on them (Thanks James!!!). I know they're a good tire but was hoping for some insight. I'll be riding then next couple of months in wet/muddy/rocky conditions. I currently have a set...
  17. FR4life.

    Tioga fs100?

    I used to run these tires, but now I cant find them anywhere. :disgust: Anybody know a place that sells them still?
  18. M


    I just recently took the next step in mountain biking, with my purchase of a Specialized FSRxc Comp. It is a FANTASTIC bike. It came with stock tires, Specialized Resolutions. Mountain Bike Action magazine raved about these tires in their Sept 2007 issue. Unfortunately, no one has ever...