1. ICEBALL585

    Have you checked your CO detectors lately???

    (A few of you have me as friends on FB so you've already read about my crazy weekend) So my family had a very interesting New Years weekend. My wife called me at work Friday morning stating that the CO detector was going off. I had my wife call the Fire Dept just to make sure nothing was...
  2. Polandspring88

    My trip to Nepal and Mount Everest Base Camp

    So many of you may remember this thread... http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/f2/career-suicide-great-idea-248570/ Here is the story, you'll have to forgive me for the length. This is going to take many, many posts.
  3. heavy metal

    Section 8: Government Mortgage Vouchers?!

    So I heard from a real estate agent friend that she's working with a client who is basically having the government buy them a foreclosed house at ~350k value. So if I pay taxes I help pay something like 70+ % of this person's mortgage? Now I'm no "fvck you, I've got mine" conservative and I'm...
  4. Toshi

    The futility of the Prius and the end of the world as we know it

    I sold my only car back in 2008 after having an epiphany that our western way of life is unsustainable. Recently, I've come to a more gradual realization that my reaction to it is futile. Here's how it all came to pass: The Epiphany Although I'd read this and that regarding the energy use...
  5. demo 9

    Ever try an indoor rabbit?

    Maybe im going soft, but for christmas i got my GF another rabbit. (black mini lop) First name "paws", second name "the bunny" I was kinda skeptical as to the whole rabbit thing, but she takes care of the other two ("bunson" and "moo") and likes them so i figured how bad could it be. I have...
  6. R

    My Jedi - is this okay

    So I finaly have my Jedi built up and done all the tweaks to get it set up correctly. I changed the spring in Boxxer to Yellow/Soft even though RS states I am Standard/Red, now I am on 30% and just bottom out on the hardest hits with minimal HSC. I will be chaninging out the rear cassette to...
  7. Pesqueeb

    Apparently, being an a$$hole gets you what you deserve..

    :mad: Or at least a series of potential misdemeanor's in Colorado Springs. My neighbor works in Denver for the FBI. I'm not really sure in what capacity, we never really talk, he's pretty reclusive. Lawn hardly ever gets mowed, lots of trash, house hasn't had paint in whats clearly been at...