toledo tube sock

  1. X3pilot

    How safe is Facebook?

    I know I should be a little more savvy than this, but for a 13 yo boy with contacts in Scouts across the country, is Facebook relatively safe? My son only gets to use the computer to check email and go to Web sites that check out and he uses the computer while me or Mom are in...
  2. johnbryanpeters

    You know the end of the world has arrived when...

    ...Stinky wears out a bicycle (or even gets a scratch on it). :monkey:
  3. Spero

    Nmae your junk

    http://www.blogthings.com/penisnamegenerator/ "El Presidente." :shocked:
  4. MMike

    More importantly....what's a Hawkesbury Toadstool?

    ...or a Spokane Stocking Stuffer?
  5. SkaredShtles


    My thermo says 100. And it's cloudy. :dead:
  6. TN

    Enginerds. LOL

    two engineers in my office: "blah blah blah, yada yada yada, something something, uni-vac." me: "what's a uni-vac?" Engineer 1 looks at engineer 2. Engineer 1: "what? you don't know what a uni-vac is?" They look each other for a second then laughter erupts between them. I turn...
  7. DRB

    Friday Picture Thread

  8. eric strt6

    Awesome Photo Essay: CA Wildfires

    Simply incredible pics http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/07/californias_continuing_fires.html
  9. stevew

    I got misty eyed...

    from laughing... It was his best work.