1. marpilli

    Fox IFP Charging Tool - DIY Build

    While servicing my first Fox TALAS fork, I realized I needed a Fox IFP Charging Tool to deflate and re-inflate the IFP chamber. I found the tool online for around $100. That seemed a little expensive and I wanted to find a DIY alternative if possible. There were several forum posts stating a...
  2. M

    Can't remove cassette because tool wont fit!

    Hey, I'm trying to remove my sram PG970 9 speed cassette but the cassette tool wont fit in because of a grub screw on the DMR hubs, has anyone had this before or got any genius ideas about what to do??
  3. seattle_hans

    Maxxis Swapthings ARE SICK!!!!

    my 2.5 ST maxxis swaps are sick! i wanna try wet screams but maxxis doesn't sell them through there grassroots program! :(