totem solo air

  1. frango

    2010 Totem Solo Air - Boxxer problem?

    Guys, I've had few rides on my 2010 Totem Solo Air last year. It has same/similar damping system as 2010 Boxxer Team - Mission Control DH. My Totem was kinda sticky at the beginning. After 2-3 rides during the day, it was getting smoother. But, on the next day, during parking lot ride, it...
  2. frango

    New, 2010 Glory freeride build

    Hi Guys, my frame has just arrived. It looks really good :) However, factory, somehow, managed to build S size frame 150g heavier than Nate's and ekipper's M size frames?! I hope no one left a wrench in downtube... Anyway, I started building it yesterday. This is how it's gonna be speced...
  3. N

    Totem solo Air 2007 or 2008?

    Hey, quick question, is the Totem solo air 2007 identical to the 2008 model? if not what are the differences? thanks o.