1. barronpj

    For Sale Marin Quake 2009 - size large

    I'm selling my size large Marin Quake Freeride / Downhill bike, this thing is bombproof. Its built with a 2012 Rockshox Totem Air fork and Fox Vanilla rear coil shock, a sturdy set of Spank Spoon rims, X9 rear derailleur, and Hays Trail Brakes. The Totem has the Lyric mission control damper...
  2. Re.Cycle.D.mountainracing

    For Sale 5 long travel single crown forks

    fork#1 ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2010-Rock-Sh...e=STRK:MESE:IT 2010 Rock Shox Pike 327 coil U-turn 95mm-140mm white suspension fork 1 ⅛ steertube 7.25” length alloy has starnut installed 20mm axle maxle quick release (for use with 110 x 20mm front hub) rebound adjuster adjustable...
  3. H

    Trek Session FR to DH

    So I am in in the process of converting my 2009 Trek Session 88 FR to a 88 DH I am going to buy a Boxxer since the Boxxer's steerer is 1 1/8th and my current fork which is the Totem which is tapered 1.5 to 1 1/8th, what Cane Creek adapter do I need? the current headset is a ZS-3 I am wondering...
  4. seppk

    Can I lower my Rock Shox Totem Solo Air?

    I have a 180mm rock shox totem solo air fork and I would like to lower it to 160mm. Is this even possible? Any ideas would be appreciated.