1. U

    For Sale 2011 Banshee Legend MK2

    Frame: 2012 Banshee Legend MKII Fork: Manitou Dorado Pro Shock: Manitou Revox Pro w/ 300lb spring Rear Derailleur/Shifter: Shimano Saint Brakes: Hayes Stroker Ace Wheelset: Easton Havoc DH Handlebars: Answer ProTaper 760mm I am located in North Fontana, CA and work in Pasadena, CA so we can...
  2. rollertoaster

    Anyone tried 650b on a tr450

    I've caught the midsize bug. After demoing a 650b trailbike I'm thinking about converting my tr450. I'm going to pick up a Dorado and if it doesn't work out at least I'll have a usable fork. It seems like clearance on the seat stay is the tightest spot on the bike, but with the long dropouts it...
  3. cjcrashesalot

    My new TR450: 44lbs of radness

    Built up the new rig the other day, I think it came together well. Weight is a touch over 44lbs, and I couldn't care less::weee: Ride report- will have to wait until my knee surgery recovery is complete. But this thing shreds the parking lot test:rolleyes::D In all seriousness, the...
  4. chance199

    what do you think the Tr450's price will be?

    http://www.transitionbikes.com/TR450.cfm ive really been thinking about that. i havent had any ideas how much it would be. how much do you think it will cost approx.?