1. Nikolay

    For Sale 2014 Specialized Langster, 10 year anniversary edition, 61cm (Track, Fixed, Fixie, Singlespeed)

    Dudebros, check out this beast. Here is the PedalRoom link so you can see the specs: http://www.pedalroom.com/bike/2014-specialized-langster-29749 For the lazy, here are the specs, again! Frame: A1 Premium Aluminum frame, track-specific geometry Fork/Headset: FACT carbon fiber fork...
  2. W

    Pump Track Politics

    I am currently living in Winston-Salem, NC and am interested in building a pump track at one of the local parks because there isn't a public pump track in the Winston area. That said, I contacted the local trail boss/guy who runs parks and rec for the city. To my surprise he said, "I have...
  3. max.broman

    Pump tracks near Colorado Springs, CO?

    Just like the title says. :P